Physical Therapy in Lutz

Chiropractic Lutz FL Physical Therapy

We are able to provide Lutz physical therapy and rehabilitation services to our patients who are suffering from injury and pain by using physical therapy modalities such as neuromuscular reeducation, spinal decompression, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, exercise, and massage therapy. Our advanced physical therapeutic modalities provide results that help the body enhance its ability to heal naturally. So, whether you are suffering from an auto accident injury, neck pain, or back pain, Aprile Chiropractic Center is able to provide the necessary care and treatment to rehabilitate your injuries.

Physical Therapy | Auto Accident Injury in Lutz

Dr. Aprile is a Lutz auto accident chiropractor and can provide you with the necessary treatment to heal your injuries after an auto accident. A common result of an auto accident is cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD, a.k.a. whiplash) which occurs when the head and torso move in opposite directions of each other suddenly due to an impact. This can result in injury to the soft tissues of the neck and upper back. Whiplash can cause a number of symptoms including neck pain, headache, dizziness, shoulder pain, and more. Physical therapy along with spinal manipulation by a trained chiropractor is a proven and effective treatment for whiplash.

Physical Therapy | Back Pain

Back pain can sometimes be caused by restricted movement in the spine due to a herniated disc or some other injury or irregularity in the spine. Spinal manipulation by a chiropractor can help improve spinal mobility and remove nerve irritation. These specific spinal adjustments coupled with physical therapeutic modalities including spinal decompression, massage, neuromuscular reeducation, and exercise help to restore normal spinal biomechanics, thereby reducing or eliminating the pain.

Physical Therapy | Neck Pain

Some causes of neck pain include poor posture, an auto accident, and weak abdominal muscles among others. Treatment of neck pain is much the same as it is for back pain. This can include neck adjustments, where the chiropractor manipulates the spine to improve its mobility and range of motion. As with back pain, massage, stretching, and other rehabilitative exercises can help reduce or eliminate neck pain as well.

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